Water is a precious resource, at RainmasterCo we promote and encourage the use of natural water supplies from rainfall, bore holes, lakes, streams, rivers and wells.

This water is stored in a tank then pumped into the irrigation system.

Control of the frequency and length of the irrigation schedule is with an accurate timer linked to a rain sensor.

This ensures only the correct amount of water is used to irrigate each area. In the event of rainfall irrigation is suspended by a rain sensor until conditions allow the schedule to resume.

Rainwater harvesting is obtained by diverting roof and surface water to a storage tank or reservoir.

This water is then filtered and pumped into the irrigation system.

Water Supply Options

Professionally installed irrigation systems are highly water efficient, they apply exactly the right amount of water, where and when it is required – no more, no less. The water is applied overnight to minimize evaporation and when installed in conjunction with good horticultural practices such as mulching, provides the most efficient means of watering plants.
Rainwater is an endless, renewable and inexpensive resource unlike fossil fuel supplies that are finite and need to be managed prudently.
We look at each garden on merit, we consider the alternative water supply options and advise on the most efficient method for applying the water to the garden. Also, where appropriate, we can provide sound advice on good horticultural husbandry including plant selection and soil conditioning in order to minimize the amount of water that needs to be applied to a garden.
From your point of view, water is needed to ensure your plants grow, to secure your investment in your garden, to create a desirable outdoor space and to add value to your property. With that in mind, what are the options available to you if you cannot rely on your water company to provide an adequate supply when you need it?
At RainmasterCo, we have a wealth of experience of installing all types of systems and will always provide you with the best advice and a solution to suit your budget.
Rainwater Harvesting
A rainwater recycling system can be installed to collect rain from your rooftop, before filtering and storing it for future use... Water storage capacity is the issue here, the more you can collect and store, the more you will have available when your plants need it. Water storage tanks can be above ground or buried and can hold up to 10,000 litres (more if they are linked). A rainwater harvesting system coupled with a mains water top-up will maximize the “free” rainwater whilst ensuring a backup supply is available to ensure your garden receives the water it needs.

Grey water Recycling

It is possible to use water from baths, showers & basins to irrigate your garden but, after wide consultation particularly with companies in Australia, we have concluded that on a domestic level, Grey water recycling is not advisable.


If access to your garden is not an issue then RainmasterCo, can drill a borehole to create your own fresh water supply for your garden.
The drilling process is uncomplicated and takes around 1-2 weeks, leaving you with a safe, capped water supply protected by a man-hole cover. We cannot promote its use to our customers because we are not comfortable with the idea that the minute particles (including bacteria) that are washed from human bodies (even with the use of filtration) are then stored in warm conditions before being applied to a garden where adults and children socialize. That said, grey water watering systems do have some merit on a larger scale.