Residential Pumps

RainmasterCo installs dozens of pumps to the residential market each year. Most residential properties only require a small pump to run their irrigation system. Our most popular installations incorporates the use of rainwater from a tank, and also provides a mains water switch over.

This allows the system to continue running when the tank has run dry. It does this by automatically switching to mains water without wasting water, re-filling the tank.

When it rains again and the tank re-fills, it automatically prevents the system from using mains water, therefore using only what is required of our drinking water.


Commercial Pumps

Commercial pump installations are common practice for RainmasterCo. With most commercial/Industrial projects now requiring tanks and pumps as part of their development approval, the need for a high quality pump is extremely important. There are several types of pumps that we install, however the most common are the submersible units and the vertical multistage units.

We also supply and install UV Sterilizer equipment along with automatic filters.